2016 USAV HP Region Prospect Holiday Camp

This is the second year of the USAV HP Region Prospect Holiday Camp.  HP Players were nominated by their Region HP Programs and the names were submitted to the USAV HP Staff.  Invitations were then sent to the final selectees for an opportunity to train at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ in December.


This year's camp will run from December 26-30, 2016.


The following is a list of Aloha Region HP players who will be participating:

  • Alyssa Curtis
  • Asia Jhun
  • Aysia Miller
  • Bryanne Soares
  • Chloe Akiona-Bannan
  • Jordan Skief
  • Kahua Tilton
  • Kamilla Marinas
  • Kelii Aria McComber
  • Naiya Fujikawa
  • Sierra Gallagher
  • Shelby Capllonch
  • Tani Hoke
  • Teana Adams-Kaonohi
  • Teani Defries


Coaches L to R: Naveed Nizam, Lindsey Schlegel, Elizabeth Ferrari, Cindy Flynn, Carlee Wolfe, Quinton Bradley, Christopher Duenow (missing: Lee Maes, R. Anthony Elizondo)




For all those sports enthusiasts, check out these facilities.  While the girls were training, I ventured around this massive facility and was simply amazed by what the ASU students/staff have access to.  This building is huge and holds multiple volleyball/basketball courts, handball courts, various weight rooms, exercise and elliptical machines, and a beautiful pool outside.  The equipment room sells various sports supplies such as swimming goggles, combination locks, etc. and it's also where you check out/check in your towels.  There are locker rooms, a massage room, a physical therapy room, a medical room, an area to play ping pong, and a few large areas to just relax and socialize.  This place is hooked up with multiple flat screen TVs.  As you walk in the complex, there are 3 TVs piping continuous video of Sun Devil athletes as they are interviewed, clips of them training, and clips of them in competition.  Great concept to capture the facilities and the athletes' successes.  As I walked around, there are TVs everywhere, many in the weight rooms.  I even saw a student lounging on an inclined weight bench just watching the news!  This complex will truly capture an athlete's heart.




Tournament, 8-12noon



This was the last day of camp and everyone enjoyed the tournament competition.  Coach Carlee's group were all decked out wearing their war paint on their faces.  All that was missing was the haka to put the fear into the other teams.


In the end, everyone made new friends and truly shared the aloha spirit.  Our girls said their good-byes to other girls as they were being shuttled from the hotel to the airport.  We later took a stroll to the theatres to watch "Passengers" and ended the night at Mellow Mushroom, a pizza joint close by.


Looking forward to next year's camp.  The rumor is that it may be back at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.




Session 8A, Combined Positional Tutoring, 8-10am, 3 courts

Classroom Session, 10:30-12pm


Team Training, 1-3pm, Teams 1-3, 3 courts

Team Training, 3-5pm, Teams 4-6, 3 courts


Tournament, 6-8pm




Session 5A, Positional Middles/Liberos, 8-9am

Session 5B, Positional Middles/Liberos/Setters, 9-10am

Session 5C, Positional Outsides/Setters, 10-11am

Session 5D, Positional Outsides, 11-12pm, 3 courts


Session 6A, 1:30-3pm, 4 courts

Classroom Session, 3-4:30pm


Session 7A, 6-8pm, 4 courts

The focus for today's training was playing in specific positions but changing one's mindset to play outside of one's comfort zone.  The girls integrated the "perseverance" concept they learned yesterday and applied it in training today. 


Everyone watched the video "Court & Spark".  It's a documentary about Courtney Thompson and how she rose from a youngster to finally achieving her goal of becoming an Olympian.  Many of our girls who attended the Give It Back Foundation clinic a few weeks ago were able to connect almost immediately because they had the priviledge of working with some of those national players they saw in the video.


I can see progression on this third day of training.  The girls seem more focused and they seem to be able to execute the new concepts introduced to them.




Session 2A (Positional Tutoring Middles/Setters), 8-10am, 3 courts

Session 2B (Positional Tutoring Outsides/Liberos), 10-12pm, 3 courts


Session 3A, 1:30-3pm, 4 courts

Classroom Session, 3-4:30pm


Session 4A, 6-8pm, 4 courts


The girls were split into groups for positional training.  Coaches introduced some new concepts that some were unfamiliar with.  Some of the girls were hesitant and may have felt embarrassed for fear of executing something new among their peers but the coaches would encourage them none the less.  They were all told that this is a training block and they will be introduced to new things that will help their game.  Everyone is in the same boat and there's no need to be embarrassed.  This is a learning experience.  These coaches are patient and provide the encouragement that these girls need to walk them through these new ideas.  By the end of the session...success!


In the classroom...HYDRATION and PERSEVERANCE.  The need to hydrate is a necessity!  The girls were told that they should be drinking at least 64-72 ounces of water a day and if they are working out or training, they should be intaking more. 


The class then turned to discussion about perseverance and how to encourage yourself and your team mates to push through adversity.  They are told that it's OK to fail and they just need to embrace it and move forward.  The girls shared their own experiences on what they went through and how they broke through the barriers. 


As I listened to the interaction in these classroom sessions, believe it or not, our Aloha Region girls step to the plate and speak out.  The ones that I thought were quiet are speaking out.  I try not to interact with the girls too much during their down time because I don't want to disrupt their experience.  I'm there to observe and provide some feedback to our region and USAV HP staff.



Arrivals 10am-3pm

Check-in, room assignments, box lunch pick-up

Session 1A, 4-6:30pm, 3 courts

Classroom 1A, 7-8:30pm


We have 15 Aloha Region girls here this year at the USAV HP Region Prospect Holiday Camp.  They make up 25% of the total players.  Then, if we add the 7 girls from Moku O Keawe Region, we're now up to 35% of the total players.  Way to represent Hawaii!


We all arrived pretty much on time except for Jordan and Alyssa.  Both flew on other airlines and both were delayed.  But we are all together now, checked in, and should be in bed at this writing.


As players arrived, they checked in, turned in their paperwork and got 3 t-shirts, 1 thera band and their room key.  They were also offered box lunches that included a turkey sandwich, chips, apple, and bottled water.  Everyone was asked to meet in the lobby at 3:30pm before walking to the Sundevil Fitness Complex on the Arizona State University campus.  The venue is across the street and a 10 minute walk from our hotel.


The first gym session  was comprised of the usual measurements...shuttle run, verticals with the Vertek, reach, height, and picture.  They touched ball for a little while but not as much as they will tomorrow.


After the first session, we all headed back to the hotel for a quick dinner.  The menu for tonight was Mexican salad, tortilla, chicken, black beans, and spanish rice.  The coaches gave the girls until 7:20pm to eat then it was back to the Fitness Complex for classroom work.


The topic of tonight's classroom session was Nutrition.  A True Sport video was shown and some FAQs were discussed to get some conversations started.  Coach Chris talked about what we should be eating, how much we should be eating, being mindful of what we put into our bodies, and reminded us that we develop our eating patterns when we're young.  When we get older, we must analyze our eating habits and adjust otherwise we may end up obese.  As the group discussed what we eat and it's nutritional value, one of our Aloha Region girls asked, "does SPAM have any nutritional value?"  Another Aloha Region girl responded, "let's ask Aunty Cindy!"  So everyone turned around and looked at me waiting for an answer.  I ended that with, "I don't want to even go there."  That was the end of that.  Then Coach Anthony interrupted and wanted to share some information about processed meat, especially SPAM and hotdogs.  All I can say is it wasn't pleasant and it actually turned everyone off.  So we'll see if our girls still eat SPAM musubis when the they get back home.


The coaches went over some rules and RESPECT is the key mantra for the duration of this training block.  The girls are not to be on their cell phones at all and can only use it when they get to their rooms.  If they get caught using the phone when they are not supposed to, they will get one chance and the next time they may be sent home.  They also expect the girls to pay attention to what the coaches are trying to teach and understand that they being exposed to systems instilled by our national team coaches.  The coaches expect the girls to acknowledge the teaching concept and ask questions if they don't understand.  Very stern and the girls have been responding well.  I can tell that our girls want to learn.  They raise their hands and ask away...no shame.  I love it!


Then it was time to walk back to the hotel.  When we got outside, it was quite chilly, it felt like it was in the 50s.  It's 11:30pm now, about 49 degrees outside and quiet throughout the hotel.  That's it for Day 1.  More to come...