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USA Volleyball Uniform Requirements & Reminders (10/10/18)




The updated presentation will assist teams and vendors to design uniforms that are legal for USAV play.


The Rules Advisory Commission and Regions have developed a plan to help teams ensure they have legal uniforms for the 2018-2019 season. Teams may use this website to have uniforms reviewed prior to ordering if they are unsure of the uniform design, number contrast, or Libero uniform contrast. This process will assist officials, clubs, players, and fans online and in the gyms identify players on the court.


If a team has a question on a current uniform, they can seek assistance from the USAV Rules Interpreter. If a uniform is not compliant, USAV will work with the teams to find a solution that will be in effect for all Bid, Qualifier, and National Events. Regions may make their own decisions for in-region events. Please help us help you avoid any issues with your uniforms this season!


If you are uncertain about your uniforms, please fill out the form located in the above link (as accurately as possible) and upload front and back images of each jersey your team might be wearing this season. The USAV Rules Interpreter will then put together an approval form for your team indicating what jerseys should be worn in combination with each other. If any jerseys are a problem, that will also be included in the form from the interpreter.


Please email Wayne Lee if you have questions:

18_19 USAV_Uniform_Guide (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [367.0 KB]